NRF 2024 | FHTglobal

About FHT

FHTglobal has been working with international attendees at major events for over 20 years. We are proud to work, in partnership with onPeak, as the official housing and travel services agency for NRF2024: Retail’s Big Show in New York City.  Our dedication is to you and your guests and to ensure that their experience is as flawless as possible.

Our service is comprised of an “a la carte package” system which allows groups and/or individuals to design their travel packages based on what they actually need. Below you will find more information on what is included in the options for packages and soon our site will launch allowing groups to design their own requests.

Guests at Retail’s Big Show have a dedicated team that will be there to support all of their needs.

All Travel Services Include:
– Dedicated service professionals to support you from start to finish from our offices in the USA, Europe and Asia
– Registration support to help you or your participants register for the conference
– Onsite team at New York City hotels to make sure your guests stay is the last thing they need to worry about
– Visa and travel support (as required) to help make the travel to the US as easy as possible
– Meeting space approval for your ancillary events outside of the main program
– Much more!